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Photo Gallery page - What we get up to and where we work in pictures

You might have seen on the Events page that the volunteers were at Cockaynes Wood, Alresford on the 12th May. If you click on the link below it will take you to a YouTube video of the days event. It shows 3 of our volunteers: Mike using a Shave Horse and draw knife (I think he is making one of the legs of a 3 legged stool which he has since finished) and Cath teaching a child how to use a draw knife safely, and a fleeting glimpse of Greg using the pole lathe. I hope you like it, and we would appreciate your vote.

The link for the video is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y29iVQGaebo

Want to see Mike's finished stool? Click here

Rowhedge Regatta

High Street Rowhedge, during the Regatta

the river at the regatta

Down by the river at Rowhedge Regatta

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Volunteers stand at Rowhedge Regatta

This is our stand at the Regatta, right opposite the BBQ

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Pole lathe at Mersea festival

Greg working on the pole lathe at the Cosmic Puffin Festival in Mersea

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volunteers working at Mersea Festival

Mike, Cath and Greg working hard at the festival (Had to, it was freezing, they stayed overnight!)

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The Cosmic Puffin

This is THE Cosmic Puffin - Weather apart, it was a good weekend

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Cath in waders

Sometimes we have to try and not get wet. This is Cath in her big welly boots!

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building a boardwalk

Building a new boardwalk at Bourne Valley

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Some children, on whats called the Ancient Woodland, decided to go cave building. So the volunteers needed to collapse it all then try and fill in the front of it, it could be very dangerous if it collapsed on top of someone

Cave as they found it

This is how it was found. Where do we start?

Cave part way through

Start of collapsing and clearing

the finished work

The final part, collapsing and cleaning - Well for Mike anyway, Greg's having a rest.

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Line of dogs at a tree


I have no idea who took this or where it was taken, but it has nothing to do with High Woods. It just took my fancy, and I hope you enjoy it too. If the person who did take it sees this site, I sincerely hope you don't mind me putting it here, being a member of a dog club it had us all in stitches.

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