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Pole lathe Summer schedule



Sunday 13th



Sunday 11th



Sunday 15th



Sunday 13th



Sunday 10th



Sunday 7th


Yes, I know, its not 2014, so the above dates are out of date, but due to problems with time and other things, Pole Lathe Sundays, are, at the moment, on hold. They will start again, probably when the weather warms up a bit. So keep an eye on this page, and as soon as is possilbe the new dates will be published.

You can of course, come and see us at work at one of the events we will be attending. We look forward to seeing you at one of them




If you would like the plans for a shave horse, so you too can start doing the sorts of things we do using green wood, then please CLICK HERE for your copy of Champion the Wonder Horse



Pole lathe picture


The pictures above and below give a brief description on how the pole lathe came into being, and what it was first used for. The volunteers use theirs (they have 2) to make small items to sell in the visitors centre and the shows they attend, they meet, as you can see, about every four weeks. This group is open to any of our volunteers to join. Some of the volunteers do spoon carving as well.


Pole lathe picture



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